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SO, why “Bay Reads”? Well, I grew up in Bay Roberts here in Newfoundland, and often people refer to this and other rural areas away from the city as the “Bay”.  I love my hometown, I visit it quite often, and it is where I do the most of my reading.

Growing up I was always reading or making up stories, I always had an active imagination. As I began to grow up and get involved in university I lost sight of the one thing I loved most: literature. January of 2017 my resolution was to start reading again with a goal of 12 books over the year. As of the first week of March, not only had I already reached this goal, but I found myself buying book after book and compiling ideas for a possible future one of my own. This blog is for me to communicate and connect with people who love reading and writing as much as I do, while also building a social platform and practicing my writing skills – as a blogger.

This blog is for me to post book reviews, recommendations, lists, discussions, and even information on writing. I will post at least a couple times a week, eventually I hope to post more often and on scheduled times for my reader’s benefit. For daily posts visit my instagram:  @thebayreads

Disclaimer: This is a literature blog, all opinions and statements are my own and are not to be affiliated with any of my partners. All information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, however there may be omissions and mistakes. I am not a professional, therefore using my opinions and information to influence any of your own actions is at your own risk. The Bay Reads© Bay Reads©

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